Golf Cart Sneeze Guard – S1

15% Discount on our Golf Cart Sneeze Guard!

Due to an influx of enquiries and our passion for helping the community, we were able to create a successful production line and are happy to announce a 15% discount off the original prices.

Satisfies Queensland Government for social distancing requirements for a two-seater golf cart.

3mm Polycarbonate Screen, mechanically fixed to roof of golf cart.

1 Unit = $150 $127.50
2-20 Units = $140 $119
21-100 Units = $135 $114.75
Over 101 units = $115 $97.75

*Club Logo/Sponsorship Logo = $5 Each Logo. Minimum quantity of 20 units.
Max Logo Size = 50x50mm
*Artwork to be provided

Price includes packing. Additional charges may apply for freight.
All pricing excludes gst.


Our Golf Cart Sneeze Guard Partition provides an added protection to shield golfers from germs transmitted by passenger/driver while operating the golf buggy during the covid-19 pandemic.

The Sneeze Guard Partition can easily be attached to the under roof of a golf buggy and easily removed when required. We customise the various screen profiles and mounting brackets to suit your golf cart.

Mount fixings supplied.

Available in custom sizes, colours or added graphics.

Additional Sponsorship and club logo can be added.

Contact us to find out more.